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Gilded Age Project

Name _Gilded Age Project

Note:This project will be worked on in the computer lab over the next two days. Plan accordingly for your time -as you will also need to work on part of the project outside of class.

Task:You are investigating the patterns of immigration to the US during the Gilded Age and how that may have affected the other legs of the triangle (industrialization and urbanization).

Gilded Age

You will need to follow the steps in order to effectively investigate the question:
How did new immigrants help shape and change industry and cities between 1850 - 1910?


1.Read the following essay by following the link below.

List 5 facts you learned about immigration during the Gilded Age.

2.Go to the link below.

Click on 2 pictures and list and explain what is happening in each picture.
Picture 1:

Picture 2:

3.Go to the link below.

Click on General Population.
Scroll down to Total Population.
Click on Ethnicity/Race/Places of Birth
Scroll Down to each country listed.
Click on Economy/Manufacturing/Employment.
Scroll down to Persons Engaged in Industry.
Scroll down toManufacturing Establishments
Scroll down to Youth Employed in Manufacturing

You will compare Illinois with New York.
New York
Total Population 1850

Total Population 1880

Total Population 1910

# increase 1850-1910

Foreign Born 1860

Foreign Born 1910

Foreign Born 1940

# increase 1860-1940

New York
Italy 1890

Italy 1900

Italy 1920

# increase 1850-1910

Poland 1890

Poland 1920

Poland 1930

# increase 1890-1930

Ireland 1870

Ireland 1890

Ireland 1910

# increase 1870-1910

Persons Engaged in Industry 1850

Persons Engaged in Industry 1870

# increase 1850-1870

Manufacturing Establishments in1860

Manufacturing Establishments in 1880

Manufacturing Establishments 1900

# increase 1860-1900

Youth Employed in Manufacturing 1870

Youth Employed in Manufacturing 1890

  1. increase/decrease 1870-1890

4.Looking at your chart answer the following questions.

What ethnic group saw the largest increase in population?What is the number?

What ethnic group made up the largest percentage of the total population? (Hint:divide ethnic group by the total)What is the percentage?
  • Illinois

  • New York

What is the relationship between jobs and population?

How is Illinois similar to New York?

How is Illinois different from New York?

Form a thesis to the question, How did new immigrants help shape and change industry and cities between 1850 - 1910?

  1. Follow the link below.

Scroll down and read the letter from Joseph and Josephine Lipinski to her sister and brother-in-law and Leon Makowiecki to his mother in Poland.

Describe their experiences in America.

  1. Last one!Follow the link below to view slide show.

What was city life like for the new immigrants after analyzing the photos?Use 3 photographs to explain.
  • Example 1:

  • Example 2:

  • Example 3:
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