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World War I Civil Liberties

Databases: Use American Decades Primary Sources from Gale Virtual Reference. e-Library and Student Resources in Context can be good starting points as well. If you click on the History Collection in e-Library you can find some primary souce document resources.

Web Resources:
The following is a list of primary document web resources.

Primary Source Materials and Documents and DBQ'sThis is a listing of several reputable websites that provide primary sources. Not all will be helpful for this particular time period--skim the list to find the ones that are relevant to World War I.

Yale University World War I Archive

National Archives

First World War

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Documents of World War I

Primary Sources for World War I

Primary Source Documents for US History

World War II website

Books: There are several books,(with bookmarks) that have primary documents that pertain to civil liberties during WWI. Use the index or the table of contents to find specific documents.