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History of Chicago Sports Teams


Chicago Baseball: Encyclopedia of Chicago History

“The history of baseball in Chicago is usually associated with the two major league teams that call the city home—the Cubs and the White Sox. But Chicago's baseball history actually encompasses many different levels of the diamond sport.” More…

Chicago Cubs: Historical Moments Timeline

Cubs: Encyclopedia of Chicago

“The Cubs are the only original National League (NL) franchise to play every season in its original city. The team, first known as the White Stockings, was organized in 1870 to advertise the city.” More…

Cubs Timeline

Chicago Cubs: Major League baseball

William Wrigley Jr.: Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History

“William Wrigley, Jr. (1861-1932) was a salesman and industrialist. He started his career as a soap salesman and ended it as the owner of the largest chewing gum company in the United States. Wrigley was also the owner of the Chicago Cubs baseball team and had a baseball stadium in Chicago, Illinois, named after him.” More…

White Sox: Encyclopedia of Chicago

“With roots in Sioux City, Iowa, and St. Paul, Minnesota, the White Sox came to Chicago in 1900 to play in the new American League.” More….

Chicago White Sox: Historical Moments Timeline

Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox: Baseball Scandals

As World War I ended, the popular American sport of baseball suffered from a lack of fans. The 1919 baseball season was shortened and players' salaries were cut. One stingy team owner even charged his players extra to have their uniforms washed. Baseball made a comeback that season and as the World Series approached, both gamblers and players were looking to make some money from the games. Eight members of the White Sox received the offer of an additional year's pay from gamblers if they lost the World Series. Find out what they did and the consequences of their actions.

The Black Sox Trial: An Account

Years ago, before these men were even born, the Chicago White Sox were the best team in baseball. In 1919 a scandal involving throwing the World Series forever tarnished this great team. On this web site you can read about the "Chicago Black Sox" case and what it meant for baseball.

Chicago White Sox

This ESPN web site gathers the most recent information that it has on the Chicago White Sox and puts it in one place. Find out the upcoming schedule of the White Sox, read the latest stories, and link to all kinds of individual and team statistics. There are links throughout the stories that allow you to go to web pages for specific players, and a photo gallery and stadium information are available as well at this web site.

Chicago White Sox

Fans of baseball often love to study and memorize the statistics for their favorite player or team. If you are interested in learning about the Chicago White Sox you will want to check out this web site! Here you will be able to see facts and statistics for the entirety of White Sox history. Discover their major accomplishments, best players, most significant games and more just by viewing this site and clicking on the many links provided.


Bears: Encyclopedia of Chicago

“The Chicago Bears professional football team began in 1920 as the Decatur Staleys, an industrial team sponsored by the A. E. Staley Company, a starch manufacturer.”

The Official Website of the Chicago Bears : History by Decades

“George Halas founded pro football and the Decatur Staley's in 1920 and set membership at $100 per club.”

Bears History

Chicago Bears

Payton, Walter (1954-1999): Encyclopedia of World Biography, 1998

Gale Sayers

The Pro Football Hall of Fame presents a biography and statistics about Gale Sayers. A true sports fan can appreciate that in a short career Sayers compiled a record of 9,435 combined net yards and 336 points scored. When he retired, he was the NFL's leader in kickoff returns. Gale Sayers won all NFL honors five straight years and named Offensive Player of the Game in three Pro Bowls. Read about his rehabilitation program and come back in 1969.

Professional Football Hall of Fame

The Professional Football Hall of Fame provides this web site with biographies of hall of fame inductees. Internal links are provided to additional information about hall of fame inductees. The reader may choose to access players' biographies listed alphabetically, or by selecting a year of induction. A links is also provided transporting the reader to a list of colleges that hall of fame members represent. Hall of fame members are also listed by professional teams they played for, as well as what positions members played. Each player's biography includes a photograph in addition to career statistics.
Topic: Football players--Biography


Bulls: Encyclopedia of Chicago

“It would seem the Chicago Bulls have been around forever. Six NBA championships create a sense of history, especially when they occur within eight years. Yet the franchise wasn't born until 1966, as an expansion team with Johnny “Red” Kerr as coach, and not until the 1990s did the Bulls become one of the most successful dynasties in all of sports.”

History of the Chicago Bulls: An Annotated Timeline

Chicago Bulls: National Basketball League


Blackhawks: Encyclopedia of Chicago

“Professional ice hockey came to Chicago in 1926 when Major Frederick McLaughlin, a local coffee millionaire, purchased the Western Canadian Hockey League's Portland (Oregon) Rosebuds and moved the team to Chicago, renaming them the Blackhawks after his former army division.” More…

Blackhawks: Sportsencyclopedia

Blackhawks: National Hockey League

Chicago Blackhawks: History, Cups, Awards, News Stats