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Global Studies Classroom Assignment Links

Includes links to information about the countries, maps, travel, religion and traditions and customs of nations and regions of the world.Are you on a quest to learn more about a country? Have you tried the library's database that include such amazing resources as Culturegrams or Global Issues in Context? Please see your librarian for assistance with using these databases. Below are web links that you can access online.

Teacher's Picks

Background Notes: United States State Department**
This site from the U. S. State Department gives an excellent summary of all the countries throughout the world. URL:

CIA World FactBook**A compilation of statistical information on all the countries in the world.URL:

Country BriefingsFrom the respected magazine The Economist this site gives an excellent review of a country's economic and political situation, as well as useful links. A good site for a country report. URL:

Country**A user friendly site for background information. SIC country information. Flags and national anthems are available. URL:

Library //of Congress Country Studies//**Published by the Federal Research Division, this well outlined site gives extensive information on individual countries.
URL:** Search for links to countries of interest. Provides links to numerous online sources related to a country including links to news sources specific to the country. URL: On this website select NEWs by country to read online news about current affairs.