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Religion Wiki Assignment

Book Resources:

Books are a good starting place for research. They can give the history of a religion in the United States concisely, as well as giving examples on how followers worship in the United States. In the Destiny Catalog under the Catalog tab, under Resource Lists you will find a list titled Global Studies: Religion. You will find all the books pulled for you there, and can generate citations for titles by using the Citation button at the bottom of each page. You will also find a list of web resources and database resources in the different tabs of the Resource List.

Databases are good resources when looking for current issues/concerns/problems faced by each faith in the United States, as well as giving some information about how the faith is practiced and limited history. Every resource found will have a proper MLA citation attached to it(usually found at the end of the article).

The most useful databases for this assignment are: eLibrary, Global Issues in Context, Opposing Viewpoints in Context Student Resources in Context and for general background information try an Encyclopedia such as World Book. Wikipedia is gaining in its popularity as a starting point. If you use it to get background information for launching your research remember to validate the information gathered by checking other sources to confirm that information.

Web Resources:
Want vetted, authoritative sites on your topic that you can cite quickly and easily? Use the Destiny catalog and search using WebPath Express. n.d. Web. 14 November 2010. <>.

Religion and the Founding of the American Republic: Religion and the New Republic
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Practicing Our Faith
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About JCC Association
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About Islam and American Muslims
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Internet Islamic History Sourcebook
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Buddhism In America

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The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago
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