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Challenges to Authority Project

Culturegrams  is a database that will provide background information on your country, especially to answer questions about the demographics, geography, political structure and economic structure of the country.

Global Issues in Context is a databse to provide up to date information from news services in the country and surrounding areas.
In the Global Issues in Context, information about the different uprisings in each country can be found under Conflict and Diplomacy. Use the search box to enter the name of your country.

Web Resources
New York Times Interactive: A country by country look at the Uprisings Use this website to find your country, and click on "Complete Coverage" for a more in-depth look at the events unfolding in each country.

CIA Information for each country In this website, you will find general information about each country. Use the search box to look up your particular country.

New York Times Interactive: Spreading Revolutions

Egypt Revolution 2011
"Egypt Revolution 2011: A Complete Guide To The Unrest." Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post. 30 Jan. 2011. Web. 09 Mar. 2011.

Bahrain Protests New York Times News List
Yemen Protests New York Times News List

Pro-Libyan Revolution Blog: Google Maps, Video Feeds, Audio clips

Egypt revolution - Google News
Libyan revolution 2011 - Google News
Tunisian revolution 2011 - Google News
Yemeni revolution 2011 - Google News
Bahrain revolution 2011 - Google News