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Some say today's modern teenagers are as deviant as ever before. The counter culture formed around deviant behavior is as prevalent and as ingrained in our society as anything. So what causes this deviant behavior? Some would say, media and access to media plays a large role in why teenagers today act this way. Do you: AGREE OR DISAGREE?

If you agree, What effects do rap music, tv shows, movies, pornography and access to the internet have on deviant behavior? How do these forms of media affect behavior in younger generations? Why do you think these outlets encourage deviant behavior?

If you disagree, What is your theory on why teenagers act this way? If you believe this, you have to find your own resources and own information as to what influences teenagers to act in deviant ways...

Your research paper must be at least three pages in length, must be written in double spaced, 12 pt font.
You must reference sources in your writing so I know where you are getting your information from. You can use the EASY BIB APP on your google account for this. Make sure to reference your work at the end of your paper.


Surgeon General Report

National Center for Children Exposed to Violence

Psychatric News Online

Parent's Television Council

Keeping Pace With Teen Media Use: implications and strategies for educators
Teens and Torture
Violent Video Games Linked to Increased Aggression

Clueless: why do pediatricians underestimate the media's influence on children and adolescents?
Keeping Pace with Teen Media Use
Prevention rather than cure: primary or secondary intervention for dealing with media exposure to terrorism

Sweet Search