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General Links

The following links are general links that are credible online resources available to you as students for working on your social studies assignments.

Best History Sites

Center for History and New Media (CHNM)


Political Compass

World Factbook

Global Studies Links
Includes links to information about the countries, maps, travel, religion and traditions and customs.

**Background Notes: United States State Department**
This site from the U. S. State Department gives an excellent summary of all the countries throughout the world.
**CIA World FactBook**A compilation of statistical information on all the countries in the world.
Country BriefingsFrom the respected magazine The Economist this site gives an excellent review of a country's economic and political situation, as well as useful links. A good site for a country report.
**Country**A user friendly site for background information. SIC country information. Flags and national anthems are available.
**CyberSchoolBus**Statistics and information from the United Nations about its member nations. You can compare statistics of up to five countries. This can be quite an eye opener.
**Library //of Congress Country Studies//**Published by the Federal Research Division, this well outlined site gives extensive information on individual countries.

Search for links to countries of interest. Provides links to numerous online sources related to a country including links to news sources specific to the country. URL: On this website select NEWs by country to read online news about current affairs.

Governments and Embassies of Countries----
A listing of all the embassies in Washington , D.C. This page links to the embassy's home page. Some countries do not have web pages.
**Governments on the WWW**This database contains links to governmental bodies and political parties.
**Political Resources on the Net**Listings of political sites available on the Internet sorted by country, with links to Parties, Organizations, Governments, Media and more from all around the world. A good source to start your research for the political institutions of a country.

Maps Online----
This website contains full color physical and political maps. Key facts and statistics are also available.
**Map Machine**From the National Geographic Society, this site has an interactive map, flags and country information. A good quality site from NGS.
**Outline Maps (Houghton Mifflin)**Good basic black and white PDF format maps.

Other Links to Countries Studies ----
**Country Analysis Briefs**
This page is from the Department of Energy and reviews energy resources and usage by countries. An added resource to use in a report.
**World Bank**The World Bank is one of the world's largest sources for development aid. Click on the "countries" link to find out about a specific country. A good source to find information about the economics of a country.
**World Heritage List**
A listing of the world's important cultural and natural resources as determined by World Heritage Convention. Another good resource for interesting information about a country.

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Travel Sites (Countries Studies) ----
This is a site for travelers. Click on the "Destinations" link to get background information on countries. A little difficult to navigate initially.
**Lonely**Founded by Tony and Maureen Wheeler in the 1970s, Lonely Planet tries to explain a foreign country to a traveller so they can visit with full awareness, respect and care. The website gives good basic information on a country.
State Department Travel Page
This is the State Department's webpage for travelers. Useful information on countries, especially those that have travel warnings.

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The United States of America
- [[#Presidents|Presidents]] - [[#States|States]] - [[#BranchesofGovernment|Branches of Government]] - Statistics/Economy - Eras in American History

General Resources

**American Experience**This site is a compilation of all the shows from the PBS series American Experience. A good source to get ideas for a research paper .
From Revolution to Reconstruction . . . and what happened afterwardsThis site was developed by students at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands . An excellent source for biographies, original documents, and essays about American History.
**Library of Congress**The homepage for the Library of Congress will lead you to the six major links offered by the Library of Congress. They are as follows, American Memory, Global Gateway, America 's Library, Thomas, Exhibitions and Wise Guide.
**Making of America**This website is a compilation of over 3,000,000 pages from 50,000 journals and 8,500 books. The era covered is from the antebellum period through reconstruction. An advance search engine is available to search this site.
**The National Security Archive**The National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Books provide online access to critical declassified records on specific issues, including U.S. national security, foreign policy, military history, and more. A great resource for research papers.
**National Park Service**Search for any of the National Parks from their official site.
**U.S.Census Bureau**The government census 2000 of the the population and economy of United States cities, counties, and states. See the links to State Quick Facts and the [[®=null%3Anull&_keyword=&_industry=|Population Finder]]. Learn about the Census.

Presidents of The United States of America

**The Presidents of the United States**Basic biographies of the men who have held the office of President.
**American Presidents: Life Portraits**CSPAN's biography of US Presidents. CSPAN provides a wide variety of resources on US Presidents. URL:
**The Avalon Project: The Papers of the Papers of the Presidents**Yale University library compilation of Presidential papers. An excellent source for primary documents. Not all the Presidents are represented. URL:

States of the Union ----
**American States**A page with links to all the state websites.
50 States.comLinks to information on all 50 states. Basic reference information on the fifty states of the Union .

Branches of Government

GovSpotA well organized site to find all the information you need on the Federal or a State government.
United States Government
A webpage set up by they Leyden Library staff that gives links to the major branches of government.

Statistics, Census and Economy

**The Census Bureau**
The US Census Bureau is the, "mother of all statistical compilers." Extensive information on the US population and economy can be gathered from this site.
**The Bureau of Economic Analysis**The Bureau of Economic Analysis is part of the Commerce Department and attempts to report the most accurate and relevant GDP and economic account activity.
**The Bureau of Labor Statistics**The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics.
**The Federal Reserve System**The Federal Reserve is the agency that regulates the United States banking industry and sets the federal funds rate. The "Economic Research and Data" link will give you access to financial statistics.
**White House Economic Statistic Briefing Room**A good place to start for economic statistics. This site will send you to the specific agency webpage that is responsible for publishing the information.

Colonial Era
World War I
Jackson Era
Roaring Twenties / Prohibition
Antebellum America
[[#greatdepression|The Great Depression ]]
[[#civilwar|Civil War]]
World War II
Cold War Era

New World Order(Current Times)


Civil War MenuFrom the Search Directory this site has many links to the Civil War. A good starting point to begin research on the Civil War.
The American Civil War HomepageA well organized site with a extensive number of links. Here is where one would begin their internet search on the Civil War.


**America in the 1930s**A timeline based website with audio clips of radio programs. Some art and architecture is included.
**American Life Histories: Manuscripts from the Federal Writers Project, 1936-194**This Federal Writers Project from the 1930s has been put on the internet in a searchable form. Three hundred writers produced 2900 documents that gives an insight into peoples' lives in during the Great Depression.
**In Search of the American Hobo**This website gives a history of the hobo in a three chapter format. Good information on unique group of individuals.
**New Deal Network**This site is sponsored by the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute which provides access to primary resources and art work. An excellent photographic archive.
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[[#World_History|World History]]
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**Best of History Web Sites**
Sites reviewed by Thomas Daccord from the Noble & Greenough School in Dedham , MA. A good site to get appropriate websites. No search engine available.
Holocaust Survivors
An emotionally moving site about the Holocaust. This site contains personal narratives of survivors with audio files. This site would be useful to use when teaching about the Holocaust and World War II.
Internet Sourcebooks ProjectPaul Halsall earned his Ph.D in History from Fordham University in 1999. Even before he earned his Ph.D degree he maintained this extensive site on world history. An excellent site and example of how the internet can be used in a positive way for education.
**World War I**This website out of the United Kingdom gives extensive information on World War I. The page is arranged in an encyclopedic format with articles containing basic information.
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